Indonesia has now become noteworthy destination, particularly for foreign tourists. This is certainly in line with the getting increase development of tourism industry in the country. It is not only Bali, Yogyakarta, Bandung, Jakarta, Surabaya that become the target of foreign tourists, but also other regions that have competed to grab attentions.

It is well said that, in Indonesia all desires of tourism are fulfilled; starting from Nature, Marine, Historical, Cultural, Adventurous, to Religious Tourisms, all of them exist here. And shopping becomes an integral part of those tours. All of tourism destinations offer a unique shopping sensation. The uniqueness is due to the difference of culture, tradition, and the crafts produced by different hands of society. This is particularly felt when you shop in traditional markets.

Simple buildings, enliven by traders’ activities of selling simple commodities, are interesting object to record and document, particularly when sellers and buyers are having interactions, where there are bargaining process that requires certain art and skills. Bargaining is the typical unique character of traditional markets. To bargain is both easy and difficult, since it depends on the personality of the sellers and buyers. Nevertheless, modern shopping center is no less appealing, offering its own sensation.

Modern shopping centres or malls are usually the target of foreign tourists in urban areas. Some malls in certain regions, however, still maintain its local specialty, i.e. selling various products of handicrafts, souvenir, and its region’s typical culinary. In fact, some malls even feature art and cultural attractions. Once again, either in traditional or modern market, it depends on the taste of the tourists. Both have unique characteristics and complement each other.