E A S T    J A V A

" Charm of Great Holidays "

Java's hidden paradise

East Java offer attractions from cultural and historical site like temples to recreational spots like beaches, lakes, volcanoes, marine gardens and wildlife reserves. Lines of magnificent mountain sceneries, from volcanic cone and spectacular turquoise blue lake of Mt. Ijen crater in the east to the world the famous of Mount Bromo fro its magnificent sunrise view .  

Madura, the sister island has its own traditions and specific language offer its uniques which is famous for its bull races, Karapan Sapi.

Malang, the rain city is located 800 meters above sea level, surrounded by mountains arrays. With its cool temperatures and fruits and vegetables plantation, Malang has abundance of beauty. The charm of natures, mountains and hills around the city has become the magnet for a great holidays.

T O U R    P R O G R A M


Extensive package holidays covers scenic cultural and heritage of Malang, one of laid-back and attractive town in Java. Explore the art deco buildings, with famous local theme part with its lampion garden. Safari experience at Jatim Park 2 with educational activities, zoo and museum. Have a glimpse tour of Surabaya, the capital of East Java, one of the busiest city in Indonesia.  



The most favorite program, covering the most iconic natural view of East Java. Viewing magnificent Mt. Bromo sunrise from Penanjakan, walking along the sea-sand of Bromo‚Äôs crater and climb up a more than 300 steps to the crater rims. Trekking Mt. Ijen to the crater, viewing land above the cloud with blue turquoise acid lake. What an unforgettable nature experience !