C E N T R A L    J A V A



" Island's historic heartland "

Explore  the Natural wonders & Heritage

Island's cultural, geographic, and historic heartland which widely known of ancient sites place of the famous Borobudur Buddhist Temple and Prambanan Hindust temple. 

Cultures and adventures are the perfect combination holiday in Central Java.  Culture and performing Art are open widely practiced, traditional dance drama or shadow puppets are easy to find. Surakarta, better known as Solo, is the cradle of Javanese culture in the province with majestic ceremonies and royal festivals. 

Mount Merapi, the most active volcano in a country awaits the active to trek up and climb for a truly spectacular sunrise as are the molten lava flows. The Biggest Serayu River, with its source from the Dieng Plateau and the popular "Bengawan Solo" River. 

All above will be great companions on perfect holiday in Central Java.


T O U R     P R O G R A M


Complete orientation tour of the capital city of Central Java Province, Semarang. From historical of the oldest Buddhist temple Sam Poo Kong into deep explore the Old Town. The silent witness to the history of Indonesia during Dutch Colonialism until Japanese military invasion in 1945. Its time tunnel like history. 


Discovery the true charm of Central Java from its history, culture and unique landscapes. Take a memorable sunrises at UNESCO-heritage Borobodur Temple and Mt Sikunir volcano. Ride a horse cart in Candirejo village, sip coffee at a highland plantation, dining in a local family‚Äôs house and seeing scenes of daily Javanese life.