Diverse in Harmony and Peace

Unique Cultures & Heritages

Indonesia is a huge nation comprised of hundreds of tribes living in with harmony and peace. Each tribe has its own characteristics and cultures derived from local regions, make Indonesia as one of the most diverse countries in the world.

Let’s explore the unique culture and heritage of each region in Indonesia!

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Baduy ethnic group in Forbidden Land

Start your adventure with the trekking through a gentle hills route to some villages which are located scattered on mountain slope. Observing the daily activities ...

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Dazzling performance of Kecak Fire dance

One of the Balinese artistic masterpieces which is performed by more then 50 men topless. Related of the Great Ramayana Epic of India, the love story of king...

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Bali Arts Festival

Acquaint the island's cultural scene of Balinese. The Bali Arts Festival is a cultural treat for lucky visitors who are in Bali until mid July. The festival traditionally runs ...

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The Culture Timeless ; Wayang Golek

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The Puppet Art of Indonesia

Originated from West Java. Wayang Golek can be witnessed through the puppets theater art performance and special events as  weddings, religious ceremonies or cultural days.

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