" City that never sleeps "

As a Capital of the Republic of Indonesia

Capital of the Republic of Indonesia, Jakarta is One of the world’s megalopolises dynamic city, the country's economic, cultural and political center and the most populous city in Southeast Asia.  

Melting pot of Indonesian culture , home to 9 million people with hundreds of native ethnics, languages and religious pluralism within Muslim-majority population.

Discover one of Asia's most exciting lively global cities. From historical centers of Old Town area "Jakarta Kota Tua", a small area consisting of Dutch colonial buildings to cosmopolitan shopping with array of world branded item. Explore diverse gourmet choices, from its streets which are throng with hawker food to finest dining at  luxury restaurants and enjoy one of the hippest nightlife in Southeast Asia!

                                                              T O U R    P R O G R A M

2 D A Y S 1 N I G H T J A K A R T A

Compact orientation tour seeing the highlight of Jakarta. A glance view the exceptional breadth and full range of regional architecture in the Indonesian archipelago in Taman Mini, the Prime Showcase of Indonesia’s Rich Cultural and Natural Diversity. Explore the heart of city with National Monument and Presidential Palace background.


Comprehensive package featuring the capital city Jakarta and the neighboring city Bogor, the mountain resort Puncak, and the capital city of West Java, Bandung. Have an complete orientation city tour of the capital and explore the cool green Puncak Highland. Experience the magnificent nature of West Java and have a deep look into local creativity and latest fashion trend in Paris van Java.